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SAP Business One
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Integrated tool for managing a company

SAP Business One is an integrated solution at a decent price, designed to manage an enterprise and which offers a complex set of functions necessary to run your company; from the activities in the Main Lodge and banking to the maintenance, sales and materials management services.

Better supervision over the company's resources

SAP Business One provides all the functions which are necessary to have a better supervision over the company's activity and be successful in today’s competitive business environment -  all this in one, easy to operate, configurable and scalable solution.

Fast implementation (from several days to several weeks)

A short implementation guarantees a fast access to all the advantages related to the use of SAP Business One

  • Intuitive interface of an user and Windows environment which reduce a training cycle for users
  • Simple architecture based on one server which enables the execution of actions  of the entire SAP Business One solution
  • Simplified administrative functions which improve the operation and service and significantly reduce the costs related to them
  • Fast resulting profits thanks to reduced costs of modification and maintenance and a reduced cycles of version updates


Efficient tools enable to adjust the applications in the way that they meet changing needs of an enterprise.

  • Configured preferred settings with reference to fields, types of data, policy, questions, and reports – without necessity of time-consuming actions within IT
  • Possibility of adaptation in order to adjust to a way of the company's functioning – changes become effective immediately in all relevant areas

Simple handling

  • There is a possibility of fast access to proper, crucial and complete business information directly from the desktop
  • User's interface easy to deal with  which enables fast acquisition of replies and more effective and pro-active work
  • Unique mechanism of Drag & Relate™ which immediately drags information and transactions to a recognizable context and allows to extend to the level of data in order to reply to questions and conduct analyses 'what will happen if'
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office products - Outlook, Word, Excel

Guarantee of development

SAP Business One is the only solution which guarantees a possibility of adding new fields, changing forms and creating personalized questions and reports. New functionalities can be added and a version of the solution can be updated – according to the needs resulting from economic changes.