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SAP Business One
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Complementary solutions

SPUMA - scan, publish, manage

Every day almost everyone can experience problems with finding a contract or an invoice. Territorial distribution of company branches does not support effective management of internal and external documents.  How can we change it? Invest in good solutions for e-archiving.

SPUMA is a professional system supporting the processing and organizing internal and external company documents. The application does not require installation because it starts from the Internet browser. A possibility of distant work allows for fee reviewing, commenting and authorizing documents. Thanks to this, the process of workflow and acceptance of documents takes place faster and more economically.



Fast access to documents

A shared archive for all of the company department and branches provides for access hedged with authority to a chosen document at each request.


Easy to handle

SPUMA is very easy to handle – it has a friendly interface and an intuitional menu allowing for effective use of the application. Each document can be printed, saved or a given piece of information can be directly sent from SPUMA to an email box of another user or a person outside the company.


Access to document via websites

An additional asset of SPUMA is the fact that without a necessity of installing an additional software, it is possible to browse documents via websites. Thanks to this, work is not dependent on a specific job position but can be done from a lot of  locations.


Effective cooperation among company branches

SPUMA gives a possibility to adjust a path of a workflow of documents and information objects (e.g. invoices, applications, petitions, contracts, incoming and outgoing correspondence) to the specificity of the requirements of the organization. Thanks to this, the program is useful in each business. More so if the company structure is dispersed territorially.


Interactive comments

From the level of a WWW application it is possible to post comments directly in a document, mark selected areas of a document and save changes in the document description.


Distant authorizations

A primary advantage of using SPUMA is a possibility of an advanced electronic authorization of documents. One can define authorization paths, regardless a degree of their complexity. Authorizations take place via websites addresses, and alarms from SPUMA are sent to an email box.


Teamwork with documents

SPUMA allows to create internal forms and teamwork with documents. Thanks to this one can co-create contracts, applications, reports and other documents working on their on-going version.


Cooperation with ERP solution

A primary advantage is the integration of SPUMA with ERP software solution, including SAP Business One. Thank to this, it is possible to attach files (scans) to a purchase order or other objects in ERP solution, print them, bind documents taking into account the existing hierarchy of documents and define new attachments in subsequent stages.

Moreover, on the basis of a scan of a document one can read selected information to particular fields of selected objects in ERP software, e.g. on the basis of a scan of a purchase invoice one can generate a purchase order, where an invoice number, a sales partner or the invoice’s description will be automatically supplemented. ERP solution shortens the time devoted to preparing documents.


Silverlight technology

A professional system built on the basis of Silverlight technology supports the processing and managing e-copies of documents, at the same time enables to display the multimedia content via the website browser.


OCR technology

With the use of a scanner a copy of a document is made and is saved in a PDF format. Ready scans are transferred to SPUMA and thanks to the application of modern OCR technology the application automatically tries to recognize the data of a document and initially classify them to a given group (e.g. invoices or contracts). A document is created in two dimensions – an image (a photo), and thanks to the use of OCR functions - it is changed into a text. A text form of the record allows for, e.g. fast search of a document in a sequence of characters that is in the scanned document. SPUMA also collects  key phrases for later processing of a document. Thanks to this, the solution in an intelligent way segregates and analyzes information interesting for a user.

SAKOL – integration of SAP Business One with collectors

SAP Business One, providing its comprehensive services in the Warehouse Management, also cooperates with mobile terminals. A free movement within the warehouse makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the warehouse workers and a full integration of the read data from ERP software solution allows to perform quick warehouse operations, such as issuing goods dispatched note / goods received note or warehouse transfer sheets


A collector tells you the truth

Work in a warehouse and dispersed locations does not have to be a tilt at windmills. Reliable Warehouse Management is a basis of good operation of a wholesale company (or another company of a complex warehouse structure) and at the same time of a fast customer service.


A collector in SAP Business One

Thanks to SAKOL one can create a document and define all the necessary fields for it. Moreover, it is possible to connect with the glossary of code from ERP solution (e.g. SAP Business One), reading the numbers of the orders, choosing customers and other operations making a warehouse worker easier. An interface also allows to introduce a description field which does not limit a user to the choice of the previously introduced options. SAKOL enables to use terminals with a traditional keyboard as well as a touch one.

Bar codes can be read or entered manually, and then the entered quantities are added. Moreover, there is a certain freedom of editing a type of a document: after completing the lines we can see a result of the reading in a tabular form, edit the content of the lines and the headings, SAKOL enables to creates many tabs in a heading.


Data exchange

SAKOL application enables a mutual data exchange. We can evidence the goods and materials received and also download the data from ERP software solution. The data can be the following, e.g. an order for purchase awaiting  fulfillment, unfulfilled orders or open sales order, one can use them as a basis to a preliminary completion of the lines in the collector so that a warehouse worker could conduct only operations of approving subsequent items.

The other way round – it is possible to transfer fragments, modules and full data packets which can be transformed into a given document of ERP solution. As a result the warehouse document workflow is significantly accelerated.


Printing labels

A very important advantage is a possibility to print labels directly with the use of SAKOL. Thanks to it the goods can be marked with bar codes and markings including a lot number of a given product or goods (in the production process). This means a big improvement as for identification of products, materials and finished products and their location in a warehouse. SAKOL is compatible with ZEBRA printers.


Multi-company warehouses

Thanks to the fact that the data first go to a general table and not directly to ERP solution, the data from one collector can be categorized to various bases, which, in practice,  means a possibility to assign the warehouse goods to different companies. Hence, if several economic entities use one warehouse, and each of them  has a separate system base, with one device one can issue warehouse documents of all these companies depending on a delivery or a release. One can also deal with separate bases within one economic entity.


Data collectors (mobile terminals) are used in:

  • Registry of materials, goods, tools, fixed assets
  • Skaning bar codes,
  • Issuing warehouse documents,
  • Drawing up an inventory of materials, equipment, devices
  • Verifying stocks
  • Verifying prices

SAPOS - A program for the service of points of retail sale

SAPOS is a front-office program for the service of points of sale/cash registers in any kind of business establishments. The program was designed for the cooperation and full integration with the system SAP Business One.

Is a simple and fast service of clients important to you?

SAPOS has a specially designed, friendly and intuitive user’s interface. A cashier learns how to use the interface at record speed. Big and legible buttons allow trouble-free use of the program by means of touch screens.

The implemented system of simple keyboard shortcuts allows to use the program exclusively by means of a keyboard (both a standard and a programmable one) in a fast and intuitive way.

Are you looking for solutions which are successful also in stores with heavy workload?

SAPOS services both programmable keyboards and touch screens, which allows to use it both in stores with heavy workload and in small gastronomic points of sale.

SAPOS cooperates with most store devices such as:

  • Bar code scanners
  • Programmable keyboards
  • Touch screens
  • Electronic scales
  • Magnetic card scanners
  • Fiscal printers

Would you like your clients to have more opportunities to choose the way of payment?

SAPOS services various forms of payment: cash, pay cards and even gift vouchers. The system guarantees also the service of discount cards.

Is it important to you to make out invoices for your clients in a fast and simple way?

SAPOS allows to make out invoices to the previously issued receipts as well as current invoices and also to perform simple and advanced search for clients (according to code, NIP, a fragment of name).

The program allows also a fast deletion of selected items from a receipt and also a simple annulment of whole receipts.

What is more - SAPOS allows advanced search for a product both by means of a bar code scanner and the search of a fragment of name (when the code is illegible or damaged).

ALTBANK - electronic bank transfers

Altbank is an extension of the SAP Businnes One designed to collect information about your obligations and on the basis of generating export (joint lists) to the electronic banking systems. It supports most of the import formats used in Poland and some abroad.



The system integrates with the user interface of SAP Bussines One. Based on the outstanding purchase invoices, adjustments of overpayments or accounting records AltBank creates joint lists. Joint lists creation process is fully automated and user role may be limited only to determine what the item is to be paid. Joint lists can be exported then to the electronic banking system used in the company.

The potential and the description of the program

  • Full integration with SAP Business One;
  • Creation of joint lists on the basis of Sap Business One documents;
  • Possibility of adding own transfers (not related to any document);
  • Grouping of transfers within one account;
  • Many export formats (elixir-0, Goniec, Videotel, Telepay, koban etc.);
  • Printing of transfers (overprint, regular etc.);
  • Configuration of the description on the transfer;
  • Current list of banks which operate in the territory of Poland

ALTRK - bank statements

The extension to SAP Business One which allows electronic book keeping of bank statements and considerably facilitates the registration of classical – the manual ones.

The functionality of the program

  • Work directly from the SAP Business One menu;
  • Automatic booking of payments incoming and outgoing in PLN and foreign currencies from a bank statement;
  • Automatic compensation of the foreign exchange rate for amounts due and remaining operations on the accounts of the main book.

Description of the program

Add-On allows to automatically book the payments incoming and outgoing in local currency (the systemic one) and in foreign currencies at the purchase/sale of the currency of the bank.

The basic step is to load a bank statement in an electronic form by pressing the Import button. The program automatically loads the file and will save it in proper tables of the database – thanks to that the data from the statement will be retained and the booking of a given bank statement can be performed at any given moment.

ALTDFN - fiscal printers

The program is assigned for printing of receipts on fiscal printers from SAP Business One. It allows for cooperation with fiscal printers working in Elzab and Posnet mode.

Description of the program

The program integrates with SAP Business One in 100% and adds the Receipt button in the Invoice window.

Configuration of addon allows for printing of receipts for one or a group of recipients. Prior to adding of document, the addon adjusts values on the invoice according to the algorithm used in a fiscal printer, which allows avoiding deviations between the invoice and fiscal receipt.
Printing of receipts takes place automatically or on demand.


The program is assigned to create tax declarations in SAP Business One. For this purpose it uses the program FORMULARZE IPS.

Technical data

The program was created with the use of SAP Business One SDK (SAP Business One Software Development Kit) tool, version 6.2 Service Pack 3. It is in 100% integrated with SAP Business One system. It works with versions of 7.5 family. The program uses SDK DI (Data Interface) and SDK UI (User Interface) and requires installation of these tools in run-time version on SAP Business One client’s position.The program requires installation of the application FORMULARZE IPS together with the attached forms


Description of the program

The program integrates with SAP Business One in 100% and it is started from its menu, creating a new entry in Reports module.


Communication between the program FORMULARZE IPS, and AltFIPS takes place in two directions. IPS receives the data from AltFIPS (amounts, dates, etc.) and AltFIPS remembers the changes introduced to the form in the program.
It is possible to save any number of forms of all types and in this way, keep the record of history of reports created.