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IT Asset Management

It is hard to imagine an enterprise to function in today’s economy without appropriate IT tools. However, IT infrastructure to effectively perform its functions, its resource have to be correctly managed.

Currently, outsourcing IT  is one of the most efficient management strategies. In that case the responsibility for the IT resources is fully or partially transferred on to an external enterprise.

Such approach offers a number of advantages: safety, lower maintenance costs due to elimination of uncontrolled investment, stable employment, increased productivity of workers.

IT infrastructure management related services


  • supervising the functioning of the IT environment of the customer, including taking care of the management supporting system
  • periodical hardware review
  • periodical operating systems review
  • verification of functioning of LAN/WAN networks
  • making safety copies (backups)

Administrative works

  • operating systems administration
  • domain administration
  • data bases administration (MSSQL, ORACLE, DB2, MySQL)
  • computer networks MSSQL, ORACLE, DB2, MySQL) (Windows, Linux)
  • internet servers administration

Repairs of notified IT system breakdowns at request

  • hardware elements
  • operating systems
  • other software

Post-guarantee hardware service

Customer’s IT system development support

  • proposing improvements to increase efficiency of the system
  • drafting offers for hardware and software modernisation
  • programming, implementation and development works
  • supply and installation of software upgrades

User assistance

  • solving users’ current problems
  • training in office software usage
  • technical suport (Hot Line)