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SAP Business One
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Programming Services

In case of specialised solutions and rare requirements for software based on data bases systems, we undertake to create dedicated software to order. We are able to run and manage individual projects due to the implemented procedures for  maintenance and development of programming codes without unnecessary work.

Specific requirements often concern individual processes fulfilled within the organization that are closely linked with other areas of management. In such cases we often carry out projects consisting of having extra modules added to different ERP systems, which considerably lowers the costs and reduces the amount of work needed to prepare a solution. If justified, in some cases, we create customer specific solutions from the beginning and introduce appropriate tools to integrate the already functioning solutions.


We offer the following programming services:

  • Programming with the use of Software Development Kit tool
  • Programming complete applications on .net
  • Programming extensions for SharePoint platform
  • Programming applications „in the Cloud” (Cloud computing) with the use  of Silverlight and  technology


Creating customer specific software standard process:

  • specification of needs
  • technical and functional projects
  • prototyping
  • final implementation of the system
  • implementation and putting into operation